Blackout in Raven Woods
   60 Minutes
   2 - 4 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, you hear a scream. What happened in Raven Woods?
Lobby & Staff
Raven Woods was our second game we did at S.Cape Laval, we expected a scary game but it really wasn't. There is just one part that one of the employees does something which might make you jump. We really don't like when it's an employee who comes in the room or does something in the room, when it happens it can scare you but it's really not immersive. It's definitely more scary than their other rooms but I wouldn't consider it scary at all. The quality of the rooms resembles their other rooms. Still feels a little commercial but less. Now we know why as they rotate their games very often so they have to be easily interchangeable.

The game itself is pretty easy. It's the easiest of their four games. The puzzles are all straight forward, no real aha moments but no point in the game where you get frustrated with certain puzzles which is always nice. At some points you need to think fairly hard but if you have at least some experience in escape games we are certain you will beat the game with plenty of time left.

All in all this game is pretty decent. It's definitely their best game of the four they have. Having their games on rotation means they can't have very high quality games but for some reason this one doesn't have the same feel as the others, it's a little less commercial and just works a lot better.
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