60 Minutes
   3 - 6 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
Alejandro Florez, age 32, son of a Peruvian Embassy delegate, has been reported missing for the past 3 weeks. Surveillance cameras, however, detected him 4 days ago in front of an abandoned warehouse in the north of the city, where he seems to be living free. The police can do nothing in this matter, since there is no law to prevent a man from disappearing. The State department has therefore requested a discreet intervention.

The man has been placed under surveillance: he seems to only go out to run errands. During his next outing, an agent will be charged with creating a diversion.

You have one hour… to enter the premises and shed some light on this matter.
Lobby & Staff
Mission Morpheus had a unique look to it, we weren't sure what to expect for our first game there.

The game is not really immersive and it looks just ok. Considering it's a newer game we were expecting a better looking game. The theme was somewhat there but it was still very random, the rooms did not seem to mesh well together, there was no logical flow from one room to the next. It was not a bad looking room but not the best, maybe slightly below average on the aesthetic side of things.

The puzzles in this game were also a little random. It is the hardest room of Mission Morpheus but is also maybe the hardest in the city. We needed hints for a lot of puzzles and even after getting hints we still weren't sure how somebody could get the answer without a hint. A lot of puzzles were just not fun and frustrating.

All in all I would say to avoid this game. It is simply not a fun game and there's nothing else that makes it a good experience. If you want to go to Mission Morpheus then I strongly suggest to try any of their other games.
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