60 Minutes
   2 - 5 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
Global warming has caused a large crack to open in the ice of the Antarctic. A team of paleontologists charged with collecting samples on-site has found a strange futuristic building in the depths of the crack. The ancient Greek writings found on its façade and carbon dating suggest the unimaginable: could this be a pavillion… from the mythical city of Atlantis?

In spite of all the precautions that were taken, vibrations from the machines used to open the main door have caused a wall to collapse. The precarious balance of the ice has been disturbed. All will be buried in the next 6 hours, maybe less.
You have one hour to solve the mystery of this enigmatic structure.
Lobby & Staff
This is not the lost city of Atlantis, nor does the theme or story make any sense at all but the room is still a good looking room. It's definitely the best looking room at Mission Morpheus. The first room is really cool looking, the rest isn't as nice but still is ok. The props are all hand made so there's a lot of unique stuff in this room.

The puzzles are the hardest to judge because we were really torn in this game. We split into two groups and half of the group really liked the puzzles and the other half really didn't. After discussing the game more in depth we came to the conclusion that there are two paths in this game and one path is really fun and the other isn't really. The puzzles, however, are very unique. Lots of cool things were made to make these puzzles. It's not the same old stuff, lots of original content and just for that I give them extra points. It is a very hard game though.

Do I recommend this game? If you've played escape rooms before then definitely. It was unique and fun in general. If you're a noob at escape games then I would really stay away, it's way too hard for first timers.
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