Weekend at the Shack
   60 Minutes
   2 - 5 Players
   28.00$ Per Player
As part of your friend’s 30th birthday, you’ve decided to rent a shack up north to celebrate the occasion. Friday afternoon you get a video message from your friends who have already made it and encouraging you to get there as quickly as possible to enjoy the beautiful environment over there.

The moment of your arrival will truly signal the start of the party but everything seems too good to be true. In your head, nothing can come between you and this crazy fiesta. Unfortunately, you always have to plan for the worst, as unbelievable as it can be...
Lobby & Staff
We did this game right after doing Immersias Cabaret scenario so we were excited. This is a tough one to judge for decor/immersion. Does it look like a chalet? Somewhat. I mean it feels as though there was a kitchen in an office and they built a chalet around it. The immersion is innovative at least. They at least made the effort but the immersive part is supposed to be scary but it's more funny than scary.

The puzzles are really lacking in this game. None of the puzzles were fun nor challenging. It was more of a scavenger hunt than an escape game. I guess they were trying to do something new with this type of game but their Cabaret scenario is ten times better. The game is also linear.

I would highly recommend to book the Cabaret instead of this game. There are tonnes of games that are much better than the Chalet in the Montreal area.
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