60 Minutes
   2 - 4 Players
   28.00$ Per Player
Warp inc. is the only company on earth with the ability to make you travel through time. They will soon launch the W001 model, the first model accessible to the public.​
Lobby & Staff
Our group was very excited to try out the new game from Immersia last week. When we saw the video we couldn't wait to go but because some were busy we had to wait a while before actually going (besides we never try games when they come out, we try to give it a month so there's less bugs).

The video really made us think that Immersia brought everything up a notch but we realised that the video was not taken within the room once we started playing.

I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say that games are multi-room anymore so once again this game was. The first room was cool, we thought a few things were original.

I am not certain but I think they wanted to make this room more of a introductory room as we thought it was easy. Most puzzles we have seen before in other rooms. For newbies it will be fine but enthusiasts might not be as happy. The puzzles are fun though. One puzzle was very long and boring as it felt more like homework but other than that the puzzles were all fair.

The game is VERY small. It's fine for up to four players we thought. The second part of the game I think is even small for four but I would recommend being between two and four players anyway. We were six and were very crammed. If you're two to four you will have fun.

The immersion was great in the first room but nothing spectacular in the rest.

All in all the room was good. It wasn't bad but wasn't great either. We expected a lot more, maybe because of the video they released or maybe because we really liked Piccadilly but we thought the game would be better, which is their best room.
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