Frequently Asked Questions
Do you only review Escape Rooms in Montreal?
We have done many escape rooms outside Montreal but we do plan to keep it to surrounding areas for the time being. We might expand our scope gradually if opportunities arises.
How do you get your rating?
We are six different players that rate each game. Everyone rates the game independently and then we take an average of what all six players rated the game. Most of the time the ratings are very similar, other time not as much (mainly when it comes to games that you're split up).
(Owners) I think you rated an old version of my game, we renewed it, please come rate it again.
If you remade or made a lot of changes in your game, you can contact us and notify us about the changes. We may come try the game again but unless there is a new game we haven't tried, it is rare we will redo a game we've already done. If the changes are drastic, you can contact us and tell us what has changed.
I want to become part of the team, can I?
We are still thinking about this. It is essential for you to have done over 100 games to be part of the team. The reason being, we think you need to have done a lot of games for you to be able to evaluate games without thinking of your personal success or lack of when you played it. For example, most players will rate a game much better if they win or lose, or if the place gave you extra time or worse if a piece of equipment failed or a lock left unlocked, etc. However, with our experience we can evaluate without taking into account if we won or not or if we were given incentives and we are also able to evaluate whether the tech that failed is something that always happens or not or simple mistakes by the staff. If you are interested you can contact us for more information.
Why is your rating more important than the ones on Facebook?
It's not that our ratings are more important but our ratings are truly mathematical. We don't give a 5 star just because the owners gave us a free game. We don't give a 5 star because it's our first time playing an escape room and we love the concept. Most people evaluate the concept, not the place. We have played pretty much every game in the Montreal region and can compare every aspect of every game and give a fair rating. You can easily see the problem of facebook ratings when you go to a place we rate as one of the worst in Montreal and that same place has 5 stars through the board. Our mission to make sure players and escape rooms lovers go to quality escape rooms.