60 Minutes
   2 - 6 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
Travel back in time to the 80’s and 90’s, revisiting synthesizer music, board games and popular movies that were hits not so long ago.
Become, for an hour, a teenage girl ready to enter her best friend's room to find the hidden phone number of the hottest guy in school! Remember the hair spray in old video clips, fluorescent sweaters, good old audio tapes and box office films from that time, to only name a few! A 60 min nostalgic challenge ideal for all generations A collaborative scenario for big groups with gaudy colors that scream POP!
Lobby & Staff
Tonight's the night, the big school dance! You'd gladly have the hottest guy at school to go with you... Ok so right off the bat you can see that this room isn't targetting men lol. Luckily we were 4 girls and 2 guys when we did this room.

Rooms like these I have a hard time judging the theming and immersion. On one hand yes the room is perfectly in theme and I guess somewhat immersive. On the other hand, give anyone one hour at the thrift store and they can make a perfectly immersive girl's bed room. What I do give to Pop! is how nostalgic the room is. Many times while playing you laugh and say, "I remember that!". I guess that's what they were aiming for and they got that part of the game.

The puzzles were decent. The room has about 15 locks so it's extremely frustrating to have to try the same code on 6 different locks. The puzzles were all in theme which was nice and you will be thinking quite a bit.

This is a one room game but non-linear, so you and your friends will always have stuff to do. All in all, the game is below average but seeing how Ezkapaz's new games are, I am very anxious to see the game that replaces this one.
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