Opus Luminum
   60 Minutes
   2 - 4 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
Everyone believes that the organisation, Opus Luminum, has planned the destruction of humanity.

You finally managed to locate the office of Miss Apelcent, a powerful teacher and master in the occult arts and rituals. She holds a sacred idol with supernatural power.

In an hour, members will disembark to take the artifact and use it in their final ceremony, which will destroy the world.

Can you find the idol before the members arrive? You have 60 minutes. The fate of all mankind is in your hands.
Lobby & Staff
It was has been almost three years that escape rooms exist in Montreal and we were really wondering who would be the next company to step up after Find the Key. Every other place in the downtown area is lacking of quality and innovation but it seems as though Ezkapaz is up for the challenger after doing this game.

We were a group of six to do this game. Before getting into the decor and immersion I would say that I wouldn't want to be more than six for this game. We thought it was a little tight but the way the game is made, everyone seemed to be scattered during the entire game as there were always things to do.

The room is very nice, you definitely feel the storyline, but like most places in Montreal you are told the situation by the game master which makes it a little hard to be immersed in the story. Everything is of good quality and there's a lot of stuff in the room but they do a good job making sure you can't access everything as it would be a little overwhleming if that was the case.

The puzzles were all very good and there was quite a bit of tech which was all well used. There were a few things we've never seen in any other games which is a rarity nowadays. Things just seemed to flow very well throughout the entire game and once again the game being non-linear made it a lot more fun.

We definitely recommend this game to anyone from beginner to enthusiasts. This is one of our favorite games in the downtown area and seeing how every new Ezkapaz game is improving exponentially we are very anxious to see their next game!
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