Tyranno Industries
   60 Minutes
   4 - 9 Players
   32.99$ Per Player
Part of a mercenary squadron, you and your team are hired to infiltrate Tyranno Corp’s research island in the Philippines and get a hold of three embryos that they developed. Our intelligence informs us that Tyranno Corp might be further ahead than we antipicated and living dinosaurs might already be roaming the island. Be extremely cautious, many of these dinosaurs are extremely dangerous, get the embryos and get back to the chopper.
Lobby & Staff
Wow, this game is over the top in decor and imagination. State of the art decorations. The game is huge and could be played with 12 players and still lots of room. I felt like I was in the jurassic Park movie with a 12 foot dinosaur right in the middle of the room, which is also electronic and moves and makes noise. Sarah was beautiful, we all couldn't help from petting her. They bring you into the room blindfolded and then your storyline is told to you through an audio while you're still blind folded. Made me get into the storyline a lot more as I wasn't looking around the room trying to see where i should start. As we took off the blindfolds we were in awww. There are no locks in this room which was a lot of fun, the whole room is electronic. The hints are all done through an audio, which I loved, as there was no delay in hints or no not understanding through a walkie talkie. All escape game should have this clue system. The game is once again non linear, so even though a lot of people can play no one is stepping on each other toes as there is so much to do. The games puzzles were a lot of fun and unique. Every time you successful finished a puzzle something new happens in the room. Great for families, large groups and anyone who loves escape games. It’s not only a must play but a must see. Escaparium really set the bar high with this game. Not sure how they could improve this room.
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