The Chinatown Bomber
   60 Minutes
   3 - 7 Players
   29.99$ Per Player
Twelve years ago you put a murderer behind bars and to this day, he has not forgotten you. You haven’t been in action since that day, but he has chosen you to be responsible for the lives of 8.4 million New Yorkers. Hidden somewhere deep in New York slums is a missile only minutes away from launching. Leaving clues behind is part of his “game”, will you beat him or will the blood of 8.4 million innocent civilians be on your hands.
Lobby & Staff
We didn't know what to expect when coming into this game. It is a very unique theme but knowing how insanely Escaparium did their Tyranno game, we knew it would be well done.

This game is a little hard to describe and explain without giving you any spoilers. We will try our best!

So the decor in this game, without being as Universal-Studios-like as Tyranno is, is really well done as well. There are no -ingame hints or characters but the story flows very well because of the decor and the flow of the rooms. Everything makes sense and everything was well thought of. A lot of very cool things are in this game, a few of which we have never seen before, which is rare.

The puzzles are what make this game shine. Despite it being a very good looking game, the game is probably the most challenging that Escaparium has. It's not that any of the puzzles are impossible but there is A LOT to do. You definitely get your money's worth when you try this game out. You will be working every part of your mind and once again, the entire game is non-linear, something that we are seeing more and more but is very well done here.

We would not recommend this game as your first escape room but if you have at least had the experience of one other game then go for it, you'll love it!

This is definitely one of our favorite games in the region. You won't regret trying it out.
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