Prison Break
   60 Minutes
   4 - 8 Players
   29.99$ Per Player
You’ve been framed for a murder you didn’t commit. They’ve been trying to get a confession out of you for months now. Even though they have already sentenced you to death, you won’t break, you didn’t do it but nobody believes you. Only one hour until your execution, a familiar face walks in, only it’s not to say goodbye.
Lobby & Staff
Not another prison? We have done about 25 prison escape rooms in our lives so we have pretty much seen it all... Or so we thought...

Going in, we were not that excited to be doing a prison escape again but knowing that this prison was made by Escaparium, we knew it wouldn't just be a regular old prison. We were right...

The thing about all these prison escapes that we've done is that it's exactly the same. You start in cells, escape to an office and then escape. So essentially, almost all prison escapes are office themes in disguise.

This game might start off a little how we would expect but it definitely looks good in doing so but the more the game advances, the more surprises you get until the end... The end is very impressive, this is one of two prisons that we actually felt as if we were escaping a prison. We thought one of the rooms could've used a little more furniture but that's just being very nitpicky.

The puzzles, once again (kind of like Chinatown Bomber), are very well done in this game. You'll be thinking the entire time and there are a lot of different types of puzzles and tasks you need to do. The rooms, like all of the West Island games, are all non-linear which makes the game lots more fun to do in bigger groups (4 and more).

The game is a little easier than Chinatown. I would recommend this game to first timers as well as veterans. All will enjoy.
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