Alice and the Mad Hatter
   60 Minutes
   3 - 6 Players
   32.99$ Per Player
The Hatter's hat's hat is needed so that the hat of the hatter can control the hatter when wearing his hat but the hat of the hatter's hat is where the power of the hatter's hat is at. Without his hat, the hatter's hat is powerless and the hatter with or without his hat will be himself if the hatter's hat's hat is taken away. You are needed to help Alice find the hatter's hat's hat so that the hatter can be himself again...
Lobby & Staff
Three words... WOW WOW WOW. We spoke to the owner last time at Escaparium and she told us that she was really excited about Alice and expected it to be their best game. Therefore, our expectations were very high. Boy did they not disappoint.

Let's start with the decor and immersion. This is by far the most immersive and beautiful game that we've played. The hints are given by a character inside the game and this character is physically in every room and moved his eyes and mouth while speaking. The set design is just amazing. There is no detail missing. The only game that comes toe to toe in set design is Tyranno Industries.

Now about storyline. Most places, including this one, will say there's a storyline but in reality, there might be a story but it's simply told at the beginning and you simply need to reach your goal. The game actually has a story. Each room has new characters and the story unfolds as you progress through the game. Another really unique thing is the game is actually funny. If you take the time to listen to the characters there's a lot of funny content.

Now you would think a game with all these qualities would normally have mediocre puzzles. It's the complete opposite. The game is full of fun and unique puzzles. The game is actually pretty hard. The puzzles are all fair but there's a lot of stuff to do. Once again, like all their other games, the game is non linear so every always has something to do.

We hardly ever talk about this because it is extremely rare for any other games to have an actual ending. The ending of this game isn't as epic as that of Tyranno but it's yet another epic ending. It's not just the GM coming in saying you won like most games. We don't want to spoil anything but what a great ending.

This game is so good that we actually had to go back and change other ratings of other games so that we don't give this a perfect 100. Well done Escaparium!
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