The Hunted
   60 Minutes
   4 - 6 Players
   26.99$ Per Player
Part of an elite FBI squad, you and your team are assigned the task of tracking down a suspected serial killer and figuring out who his next victims are. However, once you arrive at his apartment, you instantly come to a realization that the hunters are now the hunted. The suspect was expecting you, thus rigging the apartment with explosives. Will you be able to complete your mission as well as escape his apartment before the explosives go off?
Lobby & Staff
The Hunted was the first game we ever did at Escparium. This was a while back when they were the only place in Laval. The game is staged in the "killers" apartment, I guess this looks like an apartment but like a lot of games of the sort, it's not that hard to make a game look like an apartment. You paint walls and add furniture. The props and decor do fit the theme though and there's not too much out of place. If you like high budget, movie-like sets then I would definitely opt for their Dorval location instead, it's night and day. Even the temple at the same location has a lot higher production value.

However, the puzzles in this game are very good. They make up for the lack of decor. It is a very solid game in terms of puzzles and difficulty. If you are a first time player I would suggest doing the Cup of Eternal Life first but this game will also do the trick.

Even though the game is a little older, you still get oooooohs and aaaaaaaahs.

Do we recommend this game? If you do not want to travel to their Dorval location then sure, why not. The game is a lot of fun and has good puzzles. Still an over average game in our books.
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