The Cup of Eternal Life
   60 Minutes
   3 - 6 Players
   26.99$ Per Player
When you and your team go out looking for Nicolas Moran deep in the Peru jungle, you commit the great error of entering a scared land. The error penalizes you with a deadly curse - a curse that'll leave you in a race against time. Your only chance: Search for the cup of eternal life conserved in the temple of the Moon. Will you find the cup and escape the temple before your time runs out?
Lobby & Staff
Adventuring in temples, searching for relics, is it all what it's cut out to be?

This was the first next generation game that was released in Montreal. Before this game came along you had very minimal tech in games and no games really used lighting or sound to increase immersion. Escaparium was the first place to use next gen immersion in Cup of Life. The production value in this game was incredibly good at the time and even a year later I would still say it's up there in production value. Lots of cool props made and thought out to fit the theme. A few parts of the game reminded us of things that happened in the Indiana Jones movies.

The puzzles are not too hard in this game. This is a very good game to start off with if you've never done any escape rooms before. A lot of original puzzles and especially very original ways activate the right answers.

If this is your first experience, you will definitely be wowed but even if you've done a lot of other games, you will enjoy the experience. There's nothing really similar to this in Montreal.

Do we recommend this game? We would have to give it a yes. It has a great mix of everything and while being a little old, it was so ahead at the time that it was made that it's still a very good game.
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