Heist Today, Hero Tomorrow
   60 Minutes
   2 - 5 Players
   26.99$ Per Player
When your family goes missing, a man presenting himself as Mister X notifies you that he has taken them captive, and is currently holding them hostage. Your only way to ever see your loving family again is to break into the "1st Class Bank" and steal the Ruby Tiara of the Queen for him. Giving you only a one hour window, will you be able to steal the tiara and get your family back?
Lobby & Staff
Cops and robbers without the cops!

So let's cut right to the chase. This is our least favorite game of the Escaparium series.

It definitely isn't as nice as the other games. The last room is well done but the rest is very basic and run down. If there was as much time put into the other rooms as there was in the first, the game would be already much better but you can see that this was one of Escaparium's first games. When you play it, you wouldn't think that this game would ever be made by the same people. It's like night and day. It's not one of the ugliest games but when you see that Escaparium has the best looking games in the Montreal region, you'd expect it everywhere but that's not the case for this game.

The puzzles are definitely the best part. Most of the puzzles are pretty strong and fun to do but a lot of them are somewhat random in theme. There's not that many puzzles that are in theme with robbing a bank. We understand that making puzzles for a bank would logically be a lot of paper work but there should be more puzzles which are along the lines of how you're breaking in.

Would I recommend this game? No. Not for beginners or pros. There are so many better games out there that I'd just skip this one all together.
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