Pirate Ship
   45 Minutes
   2 - 4 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
You’re casually swimming through the St-Lawrence river on one of your weekly scuba diving expeditions with your pals when you come across an old battered ship. Curious, you start looking around it and finally find an inscription written on its side. You read the ship’s name: “The Queen Anne’s Revenge”.

Images start rolling through your mind. You remember childhood stories of Edward Thatch, the fearsome pirate with the great black beard he would light on fire whenever attacking enemy ships. You remember that your grandpa used to joke around saying your ancestors were pirates and part of Black Beard’s crew. He told you all about the Medallion, a strange item they were after and that would bring them all the power in the world. Unfortunately, your grandpa does not know if they ever found it. All pirates abandoned ship a few centuries ago and left poor old Black Beard alone. It is said that the captain sank with his ship. If he ever found the Medallion, he did not have much time to use it before he met his unfortunate fate.

You never really believed in the stories. No way could all of that be true. Now that it’s in front of you, you decide to see if you were right. The ship looks rotten, you agree not to spend more than 45 minutes in it, in case it breaks down.
Lobby & Staff
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
We pillage plunder, we rifle and loot.
Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.

I love pirates. The music, the look, the boats, who would say no to a Pirate themed escape game? I was definitely most excited to come try out the pirate ship at Amaze.

Following their other two games at the Fairview location, this game is the best looking one. It's definitely a little small, however, but the game is made for up to 5 players and only 45 minutes so I guess it's ok. This was our favorite game of the three, the theming just as good as circus, it doesn't really seem as if you're in a ship but you definitely feel as if you're in a pirate movie.

You start off in two cells which are really small but you get out very quickly so it's fine. This game, just like the museum is non-linear which makes it a lot more fun, especially if you're more than two players. The puzzles are right on theme which is very important if you want to feel immersed. After doing so many escape rooms, being immersed is a vital part of the game and our enjoyment and having puzzles that represent this are an important part of the overall experience. It would be silly, for instance, to have to solve a rubix cube in a pirate ship.

There was a lot more variation in the types of puzzles as well in this game as opposed to the other two. The lighting in this game was a little dark though. I understand why they did it, they wanted it to be harder without adding puzzles and also add to the immersion but more light would've been more enjoyable.

We were also happy that we did not have any issues in this game (first time in this location), the game seemed a lot more polished than the other two.

Overall we really enjoyed this game. The game is a little short however, 45 minutes makes for a much shorter experience than 1 hour games but all in all it was very pleasant, well done Amaze on this one!
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