Museum Robbery
   45 Minutes
   2 - 5 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
It’s late at night, you’re crawling through the ventilation system of the prestigious Museum of Fine Art of the West Island. You never thought your life would get to this point, but here you are. After a sharp left turn, you finally get out and find yourselves in front of the room dedicated to Eleanor Tremblay’s final works.

As a young woman, Eleanor had decided to travel the world for a full year. Right before coming back home, she stopped in Argentina to visit the forest of Patagonia. Something strange must have happened there, because when she came back, she became distant, cold, but also, extraordinary. People say she found a hidden treasure that changed her life. She started producing the best pieces of art anyone had ever seen. Museums offered her hundreds of millions of dollars for her work, but the only one who was ever able to get their hands on them was the museum you are in right now.

The artist created many paintings and sculptures in her lifetime, but none are as valuable as the last one she ever made. Right before her untimely death, a hidden sculpture came to life. You suspect this sculpture to contain the Medallion, a powerful object that holds amazing powers. This object could be the answer to everything you have ever wanted to know. It is said to hold all the secrets of the universe. The sculpture is kept in the exhibition you are facing. Thankfully, someone in your team was able to turn off the cameras in there for 45 minutes. It is now time for you to get in there and find the Medallion before the guards come back.
Lobby & Staff
Out of the three rooms at the Fairview location, this room is the one that interested me the least to be honest. The thing about museum games is that they need to be EXTREMELY well done for them to be awesome. If not it's just a room with art that you need to analyze to figure things out and normally the rooms look very boring.

As all of Amaze Fairview's games, this game looks pretty decent. It's definitely not as nice as the other two, it's a little boring but I guess they made it look like a museum. The art itself is half cool and half mediocre. It's almost as though they spent time and money on some stuff and ran out when it came to other things and had to rush it.

The puzzles in general are better than the Circus one but not as good as the Pirate Ship. The main problem are two puzzles which are very badly made. One especially is next to impossible without a hint or getting lucky. Even after being told the answer we were puzzled as to how it was gotten.

We once again had a problem with hints in this game. We buzzed them to get a hint and it took about 3-4 minutes and multiple tries to get someone in the room.

Overall we did not really enjoy this game. We thought the other two games are Fairview were much better. Their max capacity for this room is very good. You are not too tight at 5 and the game is not linear so it plays well with 4-5 players.
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