45 Minutes
   2 - 5 Players
   25.00$ Per Player
You bought the tickets, entered the circus, but did not go to you assigned seats. You’ve got a job to do, you have to find the Medallion and fast.

You first heard of this enchanted object from a man named Guisseppe, the previous Grand Master of this carnival. He told you the Medallion was his family legacy but that it was taken from him, one cold Saturday morning. As soon as he noticed it was missing, Guisseppe met with the fortune teller Demelza, hoping she could help him find the culprit. After a long conjuring session in communion with the metaphysical, it was revealed to Guisseppe that the robbery had been an inside job. Certain that the clowns had stolen it, he got into a huge fight with one of them and eventually killed him. It wasn’t until he was put in jail that he discovered that Demelza had the Medallion all along.

This was all many years ago and you did not think much of it at the time. You heard that Guisseppe recently died, still incarcerated, and since then, you’ve been haunted by images of the Medallion in your sleep. Weird things have been happening all around you and you are sure that they are linked to this strange item. You keep hearing his voice. Guisseppe talks to you, whispering in your ear, crossing the pathway from death to life. He needs you to take back the Medallion, only then will he be at peace. You find the door that leads backstage. You only have 45 minutes before the fortune teller comes back.
Lobby & Staff
You bought the tickets, entered the circus, but did not go to you assigned seats. You’ve got a job to do, you have to find the Medallion and fast.

I was really excited to do a circus room. I really enjoy to try unique themes, themes you do not see over and over again. It's easier to impress me as I can't compare it to anywhere else.

Circus at Amaze Fairview is a very good looking game. You can see they put a good amount of time and money into this game. The look, the sound, the props, everything looks good. All the puzzles are in theme using props you would normally see in a circus. We definitely all agreed that this is by far the best looking room Amaze has released so far. We hope Amaze will continue to try to make nicer rooms.

The puzzles in this room were a little weak. The theming kind of made up for it though. They felt better than they actually were if that makes any sense. A lot of searching and looking around is needed and not as much thinking. We do not enjoy having to search to the point of needing clues as this room has a fair amount of that. That being said, the room still has a few fun puzzles.

As in their Atwater location, when asking for a clue you must press a button and hope someone will come see you. We had to wait 5 minutes before someone actually came after press multiple times and when they arrived they had no idea where we were in the game.

Overall we still enjoyed the game, if it wasn't for the endless searching and the bad clue giving this would probably be my favorite Amaze game. The room is 2 to 5 players and you are definitely comfortable being 4 players. The room is also mostly linear but some points a little non-linear, just enough that makes it enjoyable for 4 players.
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