About Us
We are 6 escape room enthuisiasts who have done between 200-300 different rooms. We are also childhood friends (with significant others) who make escape room trips just to try out new games. We do not always play together but try to be most of the time and after each game we sit down and talk about the game and discuss the pros and cons. If we all didn't do a particular game, we will not write a review and simply rate it until everyone has done it and give a final rating.

When it comes to escape games, we are pretty open minded. We need to be strict in the way we mark our games because of the fact that games are simply getting better and better and we need to leave room for improvement. We have also done all the games in Ottawa as well as a big chunk of games in Ontario so if you want any recommendations, don't be afraid to contact us and we'll get back to you!